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MNE – Union – Impacts Date Filed Chapter(s) Industry Country Impacted Lead Union
Systemair AB / Birleşik Metal İşçileri Sendikası (Turkey) I, II, IV, V Manufacturing Turkey Birleşik Metal İşçileri Sendikası
HSBC UK / National Union of Bank Employees NUBE (Malaysia) I, V Financial and insurance activities Malaysia National Union of Bank Employees NUBE
Renault/Nissan / UAW, IndustriALL (United States) I, II, IV, V Manufacturing United States UAW, IndustriALL
Chevron Corporation / ITF, IndustriALL, PSI (Netherlands) III, XI Mining Netherlands ITF, IndustriALL, PSI
McDonald's / IUF (Brazil) II, IV, V Hospitality & Tourism Brazil IUF
Teleperformance / UNI (Philippines) II, IV, V, VI Tech & Telecom Philippines UNI
Lafarge Holcim / BWI (Philippines) I, V Manufacturing Philippines BWI
Unnamed / Democratic Confederation of Labor (Morocco) V Manufacturing Morocco Democratic Confederation of Labor
Coca Cola / IUF (Ireland) II, IV, V Food and Beverage Ireland IUF
Ikea / UNI (United States) II, IV, V Retail United States UNI
Nestle / ADERE (Brazil) II, III, IV, V Agricultural Brazil ADERE


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