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Welcome to the TUAC database of specific instances submitted by trade unions under the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.  This database contains information about all known trade union cases submitted since 2001.

Subscribers have access to updated information about cases in progress and details about past cases.  Click on the case name for more detail, including the NCP assessments, the trade union submission, and other documents related to the case.  There is also a user-friendly form that can be used to facilitate preparation of a new specific instance. 

You can find the latest updates on responsible business conduct, national contact points, and implementing the OECD Guidelines to benefit workers at  

See also the OECD website devoted to its work on the OECD Guidelines and to find more information about specific National Contact Points.

This content is provided for informational purposes. Registration is available exclusively to TUAC affiliates and its partners. No redistribution or publication is authorised without the express written consent of TUAC. Please direct any comments or requests here.

The Trade Union Guide provides a comprehensive explanation of how the OECD Guidelines, the NCP process and responsible business due diligence work together to benefit trade unions.  The Guide is available for download (below).  It is available in a limited number of additional languages upon request.  



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